Football season begins tomorrow but Mr. Magoo, my soft-coated Wheaten Terrier won’t be in the lineup. He plays football and he’s been much sought after by the pros.  But I think it’s too rough a sport.

Still he loves the game and plays till he drops. Last night I got up in the dark and stumbled over him. He didn’t move — just lay by my bed on his back, front paws dangling over his chest, exhausted from the afternoon’s game.

"Mack" Magoo exhausted football player

"Mack" Magoo exhausted football player

Mack (a nickname more fitting a football player) started his football career when he found an old ball left behind when my son moved out. He knew instinctively what to do with it. Our front courtyard became his football field. Now every evening after dinner he takes me out to scrimmage. I throw the ball, he gets it, hangs onto it, and drives it home to blast it into the end zone, time after time, with no excuses or show of fatigue. For his size and considering he has no hands, he is a remarkably agile running back with a far better record than any player I’ve seen in recent years.

"Mack" Magoo never fumbles

"Mack" Magoo never fumbles

Of course the sport’s too dangerous to let him go pro as I’ve made clear to all of the scouts who’ve come around.

But some of them just don’t give up. I’ve seen Dan Snyder’s agents, nay spies, creeping past my front courtyard, eyeing my Mack, whispering to each other, as he holds the ball, zigzagging to avoid my tackles, determined to reach the end zone. I see it in their eyes. They’re thinking Clinton Portis, John Riggins, Larry Brown. And they know Mr. Mack Magoo is a name that could be up there with the greatest of them. They ache to sign him. No more 6 and 10’s for the Skins! No more fumbles.

"Mack" Magoo in the end zone

"Mack" Magoo in the end zone

Their offers are pretty tempting – not just the money, but all those sweatshirts with his picture, a Nike line of Magoo Shoes, and the Super Bowl ring which, of course, I’d have to wear — since Mack doesn’t have fingers.


  1. Alex Postow says:

    I cannot wait for my pair of McGoo Nike’s!

  2. Ron Birch says:

    I want him on my team

  3. Eunice Lim says:

    Hi Ruthi, what a lovely blog you have! I remember Mr. Magoo. How is he?

  4. Wheaten Mom says:

    I’m a fan Ruthi! Clever blog, fantastic dog 🙂

  5. Marcia Wheatley says:

    Maybe you should let the Redskins sign him and they would win some games! Go Mack!

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