I Am Ruthi and I Am Real

Ruthi PostowI am Ruthi and I am real. There was a time when my reality was taken for granted. But that ended when I started a company and gave it my name. The more successful the company became, the more I faded away. RuthiPostowStaffing didn’t just take my identity. It took my reality. Almost daily, I hear my staff members exclaim to surprised clients, “No. There really is a Ruthi! She comes in every day.” – as though that is the only proof that I’m a person. I have more proof. I have children who call me Mom – three of them – Joe, Eric, and Alex, respectively a teacher, a Marine Corps Captain, and an account executive in my company. I have a dog, Mr. Magoo, a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and he owns a rubber chicken and plays football. I write. I grow roses. I am real.

Need more? I’m real because I have memories. I remember the red-clay that paved Petain Street where I grew up in the blue-collar, paper mill town of Prichard, Alabama. Daddy was a tugboat captain and Mama was head cashier in Devan’s Grocery Store, then went on to help unionize the retail clerks in Mobile. I went to the University of Georgia. I studied drawing and painting at Georgia State University till I decided I wasn’t Picasso and didn’t suffering for my art wasn’t fun. I taught school in Braselton, Georgia for two years, then moved to D.C. and my career in administrative staffing. There are  hundreds of candidates and clients will vouch for me.

Then, over 10 years ago I started my company, and my identity troubles began. It didn’t take long before the warning signs appeared. My employees decided the name was too long and started dropping “Staffing” from it. They claimed, “I’m with Ruthi Postow,” when I was nowhere in the building. And answered the telephone, “Hello, this is Ruthi Postow.” No it wasn’t! I am Ruthi – I think I am. And I’m real.

If more proof is needed, I submit this blog is evidence. I write, therefore I am real.