The face they turned away

The face they turned away

Home Depot (7 Corners) bans dogs! Mr. Magoo tried to shop there and was denied entry.

When he was snubbed he experienced all of the emotions any of us would have. At first he was just astonished and confused. He had always been welcomed in the best places. Café Milano and Billy Martin’s Tavern welcome him with fresh bowls of water.

Mr. Magoo, Soft-coated Wheaten terrier, waiting for his table at Café Milano

Mr. Magoo waiting for his table at Café Milano

The best stores in Georgetown greet him as a long lost friend. He did his Christmas shopping at Streets of Georgetown and Tumi Luggage — and they have hardwood floors and sell expensive leather goods and clothing – not dusty cement floors stacked with lumber and bricks.

After the initial shock, Mr. Magoo felt hurt and depressed. The extent of the psychological damage is yet to be measured. I’ve talked with other people who live with dogs and learned many of them also suffered the snub.

Bones, the Labrador retriever shops at bodega

Bones, the Labrador retriever, shops at bodega

When asked how the ban made him feel, Bones, the Labrador retriever, said it saddened him so much it that even having the owner of his favorite Bodega give him a whole sausage didn’t lift his spirits m. But it did help a little that the owner listened – like therapy. Still he couldn’t smile.

Joe, the golden retriever who resides at Silverbrook Farm, Hillsboro, VA, was nonplussed. “I live in an 18th century bed and breakfast, for goodness sake. I’m practically a plantation owner. There is no human on earth who doesn’t want me.” But he went on, showing his newfound insecurity, “Is there?”

 Sammy and Lucky, Jack Russell terrier brothers, weren’t bothered, “We’ll go in, grab a few sticks, and get out before they know what hit them.” That is unless Sammy bites someone’s ankle.”

Mr. Magoo, Soft-coated Wheaten terrier, gets a treat at Old Pearson’s

Mr. Magoo gets a treat at Old Pearson’s


           After Mr. Magoo was comforted with treats at Old Pearson’s Wine and Spirits, and got love from the staff at Ace Hardware, he felt a little better. But he has made the commitment to support only those businesses that support dogs.



  1. Wendy says:

    How dare Home Depot ban Mr. Magoo — what a disgrace. Mr. Magoo has better manners than the majority of their staff — maybe they were threatened by his polish & sophistication.

  2. Marcia Wheatley says:

    I’ve know Mr. Magoo a long time and I’ve never met a dog with better manners. Lowes I guess it is from now on.

  3. Beth Pitcher says:

    The problem is HD is a big dumb oblivious chain. Now, try the Ace hardware in Takoma Park’s old town. Woofs are welcome!

  4. Marny Mitchell says:

    Well, I guess I have another reason to dislike Home Depot!

  5. Snickerz says:

    Snickerz here, for those that don’t know me I’m an Airedale that lives out in the burbs (Germantown).

    The associates at Home Depot in Germantown let me come in anytime so go yell at the managers till you get some success those pesky DC Home Depot people!!!!

  6. Sabine Tuzik says:

    I’ve just discovered your blog and love this story. Ok – I’m a dog lover and I’m French. In France no dogs are banned. They received royal treatment everywhere.


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