I’m The Woman Who Lives With Mr. Magoo (Mackie to family and close friends). He’s a soft-coated

Wheaten Terrier with official fan

Wheaten Terrier with new member of fan club

Wheaten Terrier. I’m here to tell you, living with a celebrity is tough. For one thing, it means I’m invisible.

Mackie with one of his followers

Mackie with one of his followers

They said I’d meet my neighbors walking my dog. We walk. I pass neighbors with a big smile. They smile too but it’s never at me. In fact, I don’t think a single person in Georgetown could pick my face out of a line-up. They’ve never seen it, or anything else above Mr. Magoo’s head which comes just below my knee.

Mackie and I live in a creamy, yellow house with a front courtyard where I’ve grown eight, glorious rosebushes, but is that what people appreciate? No. All anybody knows is this is the house where Mr. Magoo lives and if they come by in the late afternoon, they get to pay homage. So they come. Georgetown University coeds bend down to kiss him, old ladies ooh and ah over him, even businessmen drop to their business-suited knees to adore him, and little children push sticky hands through the wrought iron fence (parents, where are your brains? I know he would never hurt a child. But you don’t know this dog! Handless is no way for your child to go through life!!).





One of Mr. Magoo’s followers was petting him when I thought, out loud, about letting him get his own Facebook page, he had followers waiting in line to be first to friend him. I’m afraid to get my own because nobody knows me except as the woman who lives with Mr. Magoo.


  1. Maura Shea says:

    Your blog is going to make Mackie even MORE of a celebrity! He won’t be able to sit out in his courtyard without the paparazzi being there to capture his every tail wag!

  2. Jennifer Spence says:

    Hello Ms. Postow,

    Thanks for letting Edie play with Mr. Magoo this evening. We both had a great time.


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